About Me: Ms. Young’s Mission and Vision

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I am a Los Angeles native, and I attended schools in both the LAUSD and CVUSD through the Eighth Grade, at which point I transferred to Viewpoint School in Calabasas for High School.  I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Minor in Music Industry at the University of Southern California in 2006, and worked in the Music Industry before returning to school to obtain my Teaching Credential in 2010.

I obtained my Multiple Subjects Credential from California State University, Northridge in December 2011.  I graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Education in English from California State University, Northridge in May 2015.  I have experience teaching Sixth Grade English, Social Studies, and English Language Development (ELD) for Sixth Grade, and Second and Third Grade Visual and Performing Arts (VPA – Art, Music, Theater, and Dance).  I’ve also had classroom experience as a Teacher’s Aide at the Transitional Kindergarten level, and I completed my student teaching at the Kindergarten and Fifth Grade levels, so I have familiarity with various grade levels.

I have very much enjoyed transitioning to working with students at the Secondary level, and focusing on teaching English and Social Studies through Project Based Learning, Argument and Narrative writing, and fostering Vocabulary Development.  I do whatever I can to connect my love for the Arts with content area instruction; a good deal of my teaching philosophy is grounded in McCormick’s Transmediation theory, which involves students creating meaning from a text with a second system of signs (e.g., a dramatic reading of a poem, or an artistic representation of a music piece).  Transmediation also cultivates the 21st century competencies of creativity and critical thinking.

My passion for the Arts is as great as my love for working with children and teaching.  I
volunteered at a neighborhood preschool for six years before attending university, and have spent many years, since I was in high school, tutoring both peers and adults in Mathematics and Spanish Language.  As mentioned, I try to incorporate the Arts into as much of my teaching as possible, as these subjects are a part of my core being, and I feel that they make learning enjoyable.  This also allows me to align my own strengths as a teacher with our school’s Hallmark of Project Based and Enhanced Learning. I’m both intellectual and whimsical, and I truly love helping my students make personal connections to academic content so lessons are meaningful and memorable, and I do my best to aid them in developing metacognition in order to allow them to learn to their highest potential.

CONTACT ME: msyoung@coronacharter.org

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